Villa Verugio Foods

Our passion for the quality, taste and traditional Italian culinary characteristisc has achieved success as an oline business that reflected the requirement to introduce on a large scale a product of absolute excellence.

In two years we have matured into a worthy experience of culinary excellence and our group, Villa Verugio Foods,has consolidated with Prymea Holding S.A.

Thanks to the income of the famous lussemburghese company we have widened the range of our products. The Italian truth is that, from a myriad of small handicraft companies, it is possible to offer high-quality products, but that they have difficulty becoming visible and generating contacts.

Our site reunites the best of these productions of excellence rendering them approachable to all. Every product for sale in our "boutique of tastes" is rigorously selected by a team that guarantees its goodness, freshness and high standards of productions.


Umbria is a region of Central Italy, bordered by Tuscany to the west, the Marche to the
east and Lazio to the south. This region is mostly hilly or mountainous. Its relief is
dominated by the Apennines to the east — accounting for the highest point in the region at
the summit of Monte Vettore on the border of the Marche (2476 m = 8123 ft) — and the
Tiber valley basin, accounting for the lowest point at Attigliano (96 m = 315 ft).
Verugio Wall
The ancient wall surrounding the olive orchards at Villa Verugio Foods.

Matrimonio dome

Matrimonio in Perugia, Umbria.