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Any changes to my infrastructure or business process?
Identity Inspector and Network Auditor do not impose any change to your infrastructure. They leverage your existing enterprise resources’ interfaces to perform identity, access and policy inspection. Identity Inspector and Network Auditor are non-intrusive and require no agent installation.

What are the system requirements?

If database repository is running locally on the server machine, a 2.8 GHz P4 with 2GB RAM and at least a 100Mbps network card is recommended as the minimum. If the database repository is running elsewhere on a separate server, 2 GHz P4 with 1G RAM is recommended.

Which platforms/applications are supported?

The UpperVision Server runs on the following platforms:

Windows 2000 and up

What does Identity Inspector do?
Identity information is hidden in directories, applications and databases. Organizations lack the ability to centrally report and manage identity and access. To address these common problems, Identity Inspector provides global visibility to identity information throughout the enterprise, covering directories, databases, operating systems, and applications. It automates security audit, ensures policy compliance, and reduces security risks. In addition, Identity Inspector also acts as an operational tool to monitor changes to your identity stores to detect unauthorized changes.

How long will it take to get started?

The installation and deployment of Identity Inspector and Network Auditor take only a few hours. There is no agent installation. After setting up connection parameters to the identity stores, you can quickly schedule identity collection and start reporting.
The UpperVision Collector support the following enterprise computing resources:


SAP 4.6 and up
Oracle e-Business Suite 10 and up
Oracle 9i and up
SQL*Server version 2000 and up
Operating Systems
Solaris 2.6, 2.7 and up
Linux version 7.1 and up
AIX version 4.3 and up
HP-UX version 10.3 and up
Active Directory Windows 2000 and up
SunOne server 5.1 and up
Novell eDirectory version 8.5 and up
Sun iPlanet version 5.1 and up
Security Managers

eTrust CA-ACF2
Network Devices
Switches and routers running ISO 11.0 and up
Firewall running PIX 6.0 and up
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