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UpperVision Identity Auditor
UpperVision Identity Inspector audits identities and user entitlement rights against corporate policy for the whole enterprise. Changes to identities and authorization are continuously monitored to detect unauthorized changes. With out-of-the-box compliance reports, you can quickly pinpoint terminated, inactive, orphaned, and expired user accounts that need to be cleaned up, and detect Segregation of Duties violations across multiple system silos.

UpperVision Identity Inspector collects identities and access rights without use of agents, allowing you to leverage existing infrastructure and making deployment across the enterprise easy and painless. Identity collection and reporting can be scheduled at periodic intervals. Managers, business line owners, IT administrators and auditors have the choice of receiving audit results through email or viewing the reports online in Identity Inspector.
Samples of out-of-the-box compliance reports:

* Terminated users not removed

* Inactive/dormant users

* Expiring accounts

* Orphan accounts

* Segregation of Duties

* Privileged users

* Privileged user changes

* Identity store differences

* Approved users not provisioned

* Users outside of approved list

* Identity detail

* Identity delta
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