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A Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company

UpperVision Inspector is used to perform regulatory and continuous compliance. Privileged user changes on critical business systems are monitored and reported on a daily basis for proactive risk management. The client relies on Identity Inspector to escalate unhandled policy exceptions to ensure the proper management chain has been notified and a closed loop process is followed to remediate violations. With Identity Inspector, the client has been able to cleanup inactive users, terminated users and users not accounted for, helping them meet SOX, HIPPA and FDA regulations.
A world-class network equipment manufacturer

UpperVision Identity Inspector has been deployed enterprise-wide to automate manager’s quarterly review of user entitlement down to the file system access level. Identity Inspector has improved managment’s productivity several folds by highlighting changes from the baseline so that managers can focus on reviewing the changes instead of all entitlements. The client has been able to eliminate the manual work of comparing HR spreadsheets against numerous systems to check for terminated users, new users and unauthorized changes, resulting in 75% savings in compliance work.
A leading biotechnology company

UpperVision Identity Inspector is deployed to perform compliance checks for the whole enterprise and compare the results against policies defined in the Identity Management System. The clients use Identity Inspector to audit cross-system segregation of duties and report inactive users, terminated users, expired accounts and inconsistent policy implementation. Policy exceptions are automatically routed to the Identity Management System to start remediation workflow, ensuring that all exceptions are reviewed by managers and assigned to IT for resolution. Without Identity Inspector, the client will not be able to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance across the enterprise on a daily and weekly basis.
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